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Being classically trained, simply all that means is that when I attended college, many years ago now, most of the teaching was based around French cuisine. So that will always be my starting point, even if it can become completely unrecognisable, there will be glimpses of it added in.

However, it is important to keep up to date with changing techniques and influences from around the world – it is amazing to have such variety, recipes, and ingredients to choose from. I am constantly experimenting and learning – I consider myself to be extremely lucky to be involved in such an exciting and at times challenging career.

Basically, on this website will be a mix of new and classic recipes which have been altered with different ingredients, and some new ideas, and where possible, I will use Irish sourced ingredients.

I was that kid who had his finger in the baking bowl scraping around the edges & licking the raw mix, as many kids will do growing up having their first experience baking those Iced fairy cakes🧁 with their Mam or Dad. 

In a lot of ways, I am still that kid with his finger in the baking bowl although now I have to fight my own kids off for the spoon! 😋

There is many a site out there, willing people on to cook great dishes with great ingredients. I will be no different, but if I can inspire you to cook fresh, try something new, have a go, cook together – oh, and not worry about the ones that do not quite work out, then I will be more than happy with my mission.

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